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Love and Handicrafts (Artists of Ghana, Book #2)


Precious Kpodo has no time for things as futile as love. Nothing will derail her from her goal of opening a rehabilitation centre, especially a man. That is, until her path crosses with the son of her latest client. He does more than catch her eye, he unlocks her passion. The problem is they can never be together. He’s an Ashanti, and after the torment she went through when her parents died, she vowed to never get involved with that tribe again. Even if her heart is enflamed for the forbidden.  

Osei Aboagye has finally met a woman who captivates him… even more than the handicrafts and furniture he creates in his limited spare time.  Despite their magnetic attraction, he forces himself to stay away from the woman he could build a future with, because Precious is from the one tribe that his father insists his children don’t date. No matter how much Osei tries, he can’t deny they belong together and now he must choose between love and loyalty. But taking a chance on loving the enemy could cost him everything, including being cast out from his entire family.

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