The Resolute Prince

The Blurb

Prince Zareb Saene’s singular objective as the head of security is to protect the Royal House of Saene. Foiling an attempted assassination in the nick of time has debilitated his confidence and focus. That is, until he meets headstrong Malika Ahvanti who drills through his hardened shell and lands squarely in his heart. If only he could shake this unwarranted, illicit attraction towards her younger brother, the new fencing protégé that he’s training.

Malika Ahvanti dreams of becoming an Olympic gold medalist.  Training with the Lion of Bagumi is her only chance, but after being deceived in the past by women that he's trained, he's resolute about not personally coaching females. Presenting herself as a young man keeps her uncomfortable.  Compounding the guilt of lying, her undeniable desire for Zareb not only puts her chances of reaching her goal at risk, but her heart in danger.

Release Date: July 30, 2021

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